Financial Systems Development

EMA offers a wide range of services related to Financial Systems Development.

  • Conduct a diagnostic review of applicable organization financial systems.
  • Design an optimum financial system to best suit the organization’s objectives.
  • Design the chart of accounts which may include cost/profitability centers, if required.
  • Design the documentation cycles to best match the recommended financial system.
  • Recommend appropriate accounting books, taking the legal requirements into consideration.
  • Define the system's output, taking into consideration the nature of information and required reports.
  • Assist the organization in the implementation phase of the above mentioned systems.

In addition, a team of financial experts can assist the organisation in the development of:

  • Accounting systems.
  • Actual and standard costing systems.
  • Budgeting and forecasting systems.
  • Budget valuation reports.
  • Financial information and performance evaluation systems.

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