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Essam Megahed and Associates recognizes that its most important product is prompt and effective personalized service of the highest quality.
All of the efforts are directed towards achieving these aims. The highest level of skill available in the firm will be brought to bear the serving of our client’s needs.
We have a varied client including non-profit organizations, manufacturing, retailing, construction, real estate, health care and other.
The firm has developed the reputation of providing quality and timely professional service to our clients. This has been achieved through a detailed understanding of each clients affairs, commitment to maintaining the skills and performance of partners and staff at high levels, and embracing technology and the efficiencies that flow from it. There are many benefits to be gained from dealing with a medium sized firm.

Essam Megahed and Associates - EMA, is a local Firm of independent public Accountants was established in July 1991 as an individual office by Essam Megahed , on October 1998 the legal structure changed to partnership company between Essam Megahed & Amgad Abdalah.

Essam Megahed and Associates - EMA we work tirelessly at maintaining the high standards and ethics clients should expect in a certified public accounting firm.

EMA independent-mindedness is a direct legacy from its founders.

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Our only product as a public accounting firm is service. And our most valuable resource is people – not the people on our staff, but the blend of our staff with the clientele who make up our practice.

Strong values have been at the heart of our organisation since its creation. They guide us in our daily actions, providing a common base of values that all Mazars’ partners and teams share and respect. These values are detailed in Mazars’ Charter, individually signed by each partner.

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